Stupa visit – Saturday July 25

Dear friend,
A friendly reminder for the Stupa visit this Saturday:

  • arrive at the Temple by 10:00 am if you wish to car pool – 96 Whitehaven Crescent NE
  • arrive at the Stupa by 10:45 am, 470 85 St SW, near Canada Olympic Park
  • wear comfortable shoes as there is a short hike to the Stupa
  • bring folding chairs or mats to sit on
  • bring food item(s) to contribute to the potluck picnic lunch

Don and Lynn will bring a table, paper plates, utensils, napkins, bottles of water, cups, and garbage bags.

There are 30 confirmed attendees. The property caretaker has confirmed there is lots of parking space. We will have a tent set up next to the Stupa and access to the washroom.

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