Chothrul Düchen Full Tara Prayer, Tue Mar 7 6:30pm

Tuesday, March 7, 2023 is the full moon of first Tibetan month known as Festival of Miracles (Chothrul Düchen) and is one of the four great occasions in Buddha’s life.

When Buddha was in his 40s, the leaders of India’s six main (non Buddhist) philosophical schools led by Purnakasyapa had challenged the Buddha to a contest of miraculous powers. Buddha agreed, only because he saw how in the future the root of virtue would arise in many beings as a result.

Thousands of followers of the six tirthika teachers adopted the Buddha dharma after that and later became arhats.

In Tibet the whole month is known as Bhumgyur Dawa as the effects of positive (or negative) actions are multiplied ten million times during the month and 100 million times on the full moon & new moon days.

Geshe la will lead us in celebrating this great day by reciting Full Tara Prayer, starting Tue March 7 6:30pm-8:30pm. Note: the usual Wednesday prayer March 8 is cancelled this week.

For the Full Tara prayer, please

  • bring your vajra and bell if you have them
  • bring offerings for the altar: flowers, fruits or cookies made without eggs or animal fats.
  • avoid eating meat, eggs, onions or garlic during the day.

For those using the virtual option to join us:

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