Lhabab Duchen Guru Puja Prayer – Nov 15 6:30pm

We are now entering the fourth great occasion in Buddha’s life. Buddha’s mother Maha Maya had been reborn in the heaven of Thirty Three. To repay her kindness and to benefit the gods, Buddha spent three months teaching in the Heaven of 33.The day Buddha returned to the world was celebrated as Lha Bab Düchen. Although some traditions celebrate this on full moon day, we Tibetans celebrate it on the 22nd of the 9th lunar month. It is our good fortune that we have this special day to practice. Because of its huge potency, every action good or bad is multiplied 1 million times as per Lama Sopa Rinpoche FPMT

This year, the 22nd of the 9th lunar month falls on November 15 2022.

Geshe la will be leading us through Guru Puja prayers. You are invited to bring an offering of flowers, fruit or cookies for the altar.

Event information:
924 36 St SE (Jam Tse Cho Ling Calgary Temple)
Tuesday November 15th, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Note that the usual weekly Wednesday prayer will be cancelled.

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