Happy Saka Dawa

Update: scheduling mistakes have been fixed

We are entering one of the most sacred months in Buddha’s life which is the 4th lunar month.  Although many Buddhists celebrated this in May, Tibetan calendar show this to begin on Tuesday, May 31 and ends on Wednesday, May 29.  The Full Moon falls on Tuesday June 14th.   On the Full Moon of the fourth lunar month: Buddha was born in Lumbini (current-day Nepal) became enlightened in Bodhgaya (India) at age 36 and entered parinirvana (“passed away”) in Kushinagar (India) at age 81. As cited by Lama Zopa Rinpoche (FPMT) in the Vinaya text Treasure of Quotations and Logic, “virtuous actions done on this day are multiplied one hundred million times.” In the past, in Tibet, most of the Tibetans will observe strict vegetarian and the holy city of Lhasa will be buzzing with devotees, doing prostrations, saving lives of animals, giving alms to the poor and making offerings at monasteries and reciting sutras etc.  

So, during this month, please be mindful of your actions and thoughts.  Avoid all that causes harm/pain to sentient being and practice that which brings benefit/joy to others.  Please don’t forget to dedicate your practice to His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s health and long life and to all sentient beings especially to all the loved ones we have lost during the most difficult Covid period.

Happy Saka Dawa. May you never lose the opportunity to make this month a most meaningful month and have a long and spiritually rewarding life.

Thank you.

This is our Saka Dawa event schedule:

Solar DatesLunar DatesTimeEvent
Wed June 12nd day6:30-8pmFull Tara (Drolchog)
Fri June 34th day11am-4pmKagyur (Sutra) reading (Vegetarian Lunch will be served at 12pm during Kagyur reading) 
Sat June 45th day11am-4pmKagyur (Sutra) reading (Vegetarian Lunch will be served at 12pm during Kagyur reading) 
Sun June 56th day11am-4pmKagyur (Sutra) reading (Vegetarian Lunch will be served at 12pm during Kagyur reading) 
Sat June 1113th day11am-3pmWhite Tara Empowerment
Sun June 1214th day11amDharma teaching on Heart Sutra
Tue June 14Full moon6:30-8:30pmTsog Offering organized by Tibetan Association of Alberta
Sat June 1811am-3pmCelebrating Children’s Saka dawa  
(Vegetarian Lunch will be served after  the ceremony) 
June 19
11amTaking Refuge and Mahayana precepts from Geshe la
Celebrating Sakadawa with potluck lunch (no egg or meat)

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