Summer break. Hike at Brown-Lowery park Sunday July 28th

We are currently on break from the regular schedule of teachings and prayers. Teachings resume Sunday August 11th.

JTCL Lite Hike/Walk at Brown- Lowery
Sunday, July 28, 2019. Last addendum July 25, 2019
JTCL is going on a lite hike/walk and picnic with Geshela
in Brown-Lowery Provincial Park, Sunday, July 28th.

Please let JTCL know if you plan to attend though last-minute hikers are welcome. Call Cliff at 403 217 6934 or mobile 403 923 5710 if you plan to attend.

Family and friends are all invited.

Meet Up

We should meet up by 0830 at Cliff’s to car pool/caravan. This park is now
on the radar of more people and the days heat up rapidly in July, so an
early start is a good idea. If you prefer to meet up at the park, be there by 0945. It is about 72 km/1.5 hours away.

Here is the information on the park itself:
Here is a Google map of the park location:

What can I expect?

The walking time to the Lookout is about 1 hour 15 minutes one-way
at a very easy pace. We will have lunch there and perhaps meditate.

The return is about 45 minutes. There are longer trails for those more
adventurous. A high light for some is the “ghost cabins.”
This is a day trip. Allow about 6 hours or more. Total driving time about
2.5 hours, hiking about 2 hours unless you opt for longer trails. Time at the
Lookout or paddock about 1.5 hours.

What to Pack/Bring on a Lite Hike


Check the weather report for the area. The Rothney Astrophysical
Observatory is nearby this park. Consider the hi and low temperature and
humidity; rain? If rain is forecast at <40% a disposable rain coat will usually be OK. (A garbage bag also works. Cut out the holes before you pack it.)

If >40% is in the forecast, prepare accordingly.
The Rothney forecast is for 2 days and includes info of interest to
photographers and others as well as astronomers. It has sunset/sunrise
times and information on smoke, etc. There are links to astronomical sites
Ventusky provides real time updates. Put Priddis, Alberta in the search box,
click on Priddis drop down. Use the + to enlarge the area. Brown-Lowery is
the unmarked lite green square SSW.

Pack multi-use clothing. Reduce weight. Use common sense. Avoid fancy
stuff and overly exposed skin.

A wide brimmed hat is best if it is sunny.

Sun glasses and Reading/prescription glasses; dark for sun, amber for low
light, clear for dark or stormy days or on bushy trails, optional. (Clear
polycarbonate safety glasses work well.) The trails we will use are open
and shady.

Footwear: Flip flops might work OK on a beach but do not provide security
in the backcountry. A sprained ankle or dislocation from a fall is a problem.

While this lite hike should not present any difficulties for the average
walker, and some have done it in flip flops, remember that the terrain is
uneven, possibly slippery even if dry as on a hill. Good grip and
comfortable footwear that does not chafe are key to a pleasant safe day.

Umbrella. A small collapsible umbrella is great when sitting in the sun or
lite shower.

Foam pad. A small foam pad or towel for sitting on the ground. A kneeling
pad as for gardening works well.


Whatever you like…and wildlife might not. Animals’ sense of smell is
many times greater than ours, and smelly, pungent things, especially
animal proteins and any fragrance that smells like their foods,
are more attractive. Better to go with dried fruit, nuts, bland cheeses, power bars and the like. NO fires. Also, there is no place to wash up or clean up.

Pack accordingly. Hand wipes are nice. You MUST pack out everything
you bring. Designate a bag for garbage. This is a “wilderness preserve” and
therefore has minimal services, etc. This helps to keep it more pristine.


Fluids are critical. Take lots. There is no water, etc. available at the

Avoid high sugar content. We are best adapted to water. However, if
you sweat a lot, consider bringing some electrolyte replacement like
Pedialyte, Cytomax or even Gastrolyte (paks). Sip as you go to stay
hydrated. Freeze or put ice in your drinks if the day is hot.


A small backpack is easiest, but some prefer a satchel or large purse and
go really lite.

Remember your pet’s needs and law regarding them in parks. Must be on
a leash. Must clean up poo.

Bear Spray is a good idea. Know how to use it. We will have some.
A small first aid kit. Eye solution is sometimes very handy especially if you
wear contacts.

Insect repellent and/or net headgear.
Camera with macro lens and telephoto lens if you are into it. Binoculars.
You may sight a rare bird!

If it is hot, ice packs or similar and a wet cold bandana make for a
pleasant respite. A folding fan and small spray bottle of water are nice too.
Sun Screen. Keep away from eyes and forehead.
Toilet paper or wipes. There is none on site.
Your meds!
Charged Cell Phone…which probably won’t work. Free at last.
Please put ICE (In Case of Emergency) in your contact list.
Anything else? Let JTCL know.
There are currently 16 persons and one dog (maybe) signed up as of July 25.
Looking forward to walking with you.


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