Remainder of 2018 Schedule

This is the schedule for the remainder of the 2018. We will notify you of any updates.

Teaching schedule for the next 10 Sundays from Sunday, Sep 23, 2018.
1) Renunciation or wish to be free (conclusion)

2) Buddhichitta or mind of enlightenment
How to generate Boddhichitta through the method of
a) Seven step cause and effect
b) Equalizing self with others.
b) Q&A on both above subjects.

3) Perfect View or Emptiness
a) Dependent Origination of Interdependence (Toe-drup ghi Teindril)
b) Q&A
c) Dependent origination of causality (Gyu-dre ghi Teindril)
d) Q&A
e) Emptiness
f) Q&A

Full moon Tara prayer days:
Note that the regular Tuesday prayers in the same week will be cancelled when coinciding the same week of the full moon.

Mon Sept. 24
Wed Oct. 24
Thu Nov 22

Sun Dec 2, (10-25) Gadhen Ngachoe or Tsongkhapa day TSOG offering and potluck dinner

Winter break from Dec 19 to Jan 12, teaching to resume Sunday, Jan 13, 2019 (last day Tue, Dec 18)

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