Saturday (Aug 25) Picnic at Edworthy Park


We are holding a potluck picnic at Edworthy Park, friends and family are welcome.

There will be some backyard games and activities and a trail around the park to enjoy, you are also encouraged to bring your own favourites, balls, frisbees etc.

Time: 11 a.m. to ~1 p.m. But feel free to come early to help setup and stay as long as you like.

Potluck list

Here’s a list of potluck items people intend to bring to help others decide on what they might like to make/contribute. Let us know what you’d like to bring and we’ll add it to this list.


  • maybe some noodles – Peter
  • veg fried rice – Pema
  • veg perogees – Lynn
  • empanadas of different fillings – Belu
  • bean/grain salad – Joanna
  • veggie tray – Michelle


  • a greeny salad – Peter
  • fruit – Pema
  • dill pickles – Joanna


  • water – Peter
  • juice – Joanna
  • pop – Perez


  • baklava – Cliff
  • butter tarts – Joanna
  • Angel’s Cappuccino & Ice Cream across the river


  • paper plates/utensils – Peter
  • napkins – Perez
  • plastic cups – Joanna
  • ice – Peter
  • extra lawn chairs – anyone


Edworthy park map:


We will be at the southeast unlabelled picnic area. Update: we are at 2 tables just off the main gravel path.

Please contact us if you’d like to arrange a carpool.

Depending on smoke/weather conditions we may need to postpone or possibly move the event indoors. An email will be sent out and the website will be updated to communicate any change in plans.

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