Sunday May 27 – Sakadawa Retreat Schedule and Restrictions

Sakadawa retreat schedule
11:00am – First session – Teaching on Mahayana precepts followed by taking the precepts
11:30am – Break
11:45pm – Second session: Oral transmission, instruction on the practice and recitation of
The Bodhisattva’s Confession of Moral Downfalls
1:00pm – lunch
2:00pm – Third session: Vajrasattva’s 100 syllable mantra

The eight precepts to keep for 24 hours are:
1. Avoid killing, directly or indirectly.
2. Avoid stealing and taking things without the permission of their owner.
3. Avoid sexual contact.
4. Avoid lying and deceiving others.
5. Avoid toxicants: alcohol, tobacco and drugs (except for medicinal purposes).
6. Avoid eating at wrong time. (Geshe la will explain)
7. Avoid sitting on a high throne or seat with pride. Also avoid sitting on animal skins.
8. Avoid wearing jewelry, perfume, and make-up. Avoid singing, dancing or playing music with attachment.

Note: Avoid eating black foods: meat, eggs, onions, garlic and any food containing animal fat
and eggs.

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