Six Preparatory Practices

The next series of Geshe la’s teachings is on the Six Preparatory Practices (Jorchoe), and will begin Sunday, March 5, 2017. These hands-on instructions will help us to prepare our environment, body, and mind to be open to the presence of the enlightened ones so that our practices become meaningful:

  1. Purifying the space and setting up the representations of body, speech & mind of Buddha. This involves cleaning the altar room, setting up the altar, etc. which will be a very auspicious beginning.
  2. Arranging the offerings
  3. Resting in 7-point Vairochana’s equipoise, setting motivation, taking refuge and arousing bodhicitta
  4. Visualizing the merit field
  5. Accumulating merit and purifying misdeeds through the seven-limb prayer and offering mandala
  6. Requesting inspiration through prayers


2 thoughts on “Six Preparatory Practices

  1. Is everyone welcome to attend Dharma and meditation? I live in the Crowsnest Pass, and donn’t have a Sangha close to me. I would like to follow the Tibetan Buddhist path, and I am not sure if the Lethbridge Buddhist temple teaches it. I am developing the right motivation, and I would like to practice both the outer and inner preliminaries.
    My name is Elaine


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