Service Volunteer Opportunities

This note is intended to inspire you to action.  As is the vision and wish of our supreme founder, HE Tulku Neten Rinpoche and our profound resident teacher, Geshe Lharampa Trinley Gyatso, JTCL Temple is poised to expand precious teachings of The Buddha Dharma to an ever-increasing need here in Calgary. For their vision to be fulfilled, your support, talents, and commitment are wholeheartedly requested.

We are looking to create a variety of Service Volunteer Positions, including but not exclusively:

  1. Special Events Coordinator, volunteers1
    • Rinpoche, H.H. Dalai Lama, Karmapa visits
    • annual full-moon celebrations, tsogs, special/auspicious Tibetan days,
    • retreats
    • social events
  2. Fundraising Coordinator, volunteers
  3. Financial Coordinator
    • works with BOD treasurer, helps various committees develop fiscal strategic plan
    • review/audit annual financial reports
  4. Marketing Coordinator, volunteers
  5. Volunteer Coordinator, volunteers
  6. Program Coordinator – Ama la (Lyn) (may need support?)
    • short/longer topic-focused courses
    • weekly Dharma teachings
    • weekly prayers/chanting
  7. Building Operations and Management Coordinator, volunteersDon, Gordon, Bonnie
  8. Communication Coordinator, volunteers
  9. Website Peter, Johan
  10. Facebook Michelle
    • administrator, maintain, frequently update
  11. Membership Coordinator, volunteers
    • plan to increase membership
    • collect membership information, keep records
  12. Administration
    • update Bylaws
    • review Society forms
    • apply for CRA Charitable status
    • ensure we are following all regulations and requirements regarding our Society/Charity status

At this early stage in JTCL Temple development, the job descriptions are virtually wide-open for discussion and will evolve as per Sangha needs, Society bylaws, government regulations, etc.. The immediate need is to contemplate and determine the scope, roles, responsibilities of the positions, while bearing in mind resources are extremely limited. Being efficient and practical is essential. Therefore, your creativity, compassion, commitment and ability to mobilize resources for a position (or two?), is requested. The tasks may fluctuate a bit as we scale up and gain a little momentum.

When asked, “What is the best gift or offering can I give my teacher?” Geshe la’s answer: “your own diligent practice!” This response is evident in the classic Lam Rim teachings. Serving is considered a high form of Dharma practice and generates much pleasure in our supreme teacher’s mind to witness his students giving our time freely in service for others and cultivating the Bodhisattva attitude. By serving and supporting our fellow practitioners, this kind act may also be considered the same merit as if we were to make offerings to every pore of our kind teacher. That is a lot of positive merit!

The Benefits of getting involved at JTCL are immeasurable. Please consider joining us to:2

  1. Fulfill the wishes and vision of HE Tulku Neten Rinpoche and Geshe Trinley la
  2. Evolve essential services volunteer tasks
  3. Become more connected with the Sangha
  4. Accumulate merit and joy from working together
  5. Create community
  6. Gain experience in setting up a Charitable organization while applying Buddhist teachings


A few years ago, HE Tulku Neten Rinpoche requested a group of local devotees to work with him to establish a Dharma centre here in Calgary. Hence, JTCL Tibetan Buddhist Temple – Calgary was started by a group of dedicated practitioners, primarily from the Vietnamese community.

Today, we are very fortunate to enjoy the fruits of their labour by rejoicing in teachings, prayers, special events, and much more – housed in a fellow practitioner’s home (may your merit multiple by the 100,000s, Don!!)

Several key stages of JTCL “startup” operations are complete, including:

  • Formed a Board of Directors
  • Registered Temple under AB Religious Society Land Act (Dec./14)
  • Established the Temple location
  • Engaged a full-time resident teacher, our most precious and supreme Geshe la Trinley
  • Engaged a gifted and committed Tibetan translator for Geshe la, our beloved Ama la (Lyn Chazotsang)
  • Obtained resources from the community to procure Temple statues, thankas, artifacts, ritual objects, altar, furniture, meditation accessories, and much more
  • Established website, communication process to members
  • Delivered Dharma teachings, prayers and special events (including fundraisers)

An ad-hoc planning committee was established in January, 2016 to continue Rinpoche’s and Geshe la’s work, goals and priorities for Temple growth, teaching the Dharma and serving the spiritual needs of the Calgary community. This ad-hoc planning committee has regular meetings every two-four weeks and is currently comprised of: Geshe la, Ama la, Don Tu,  Natalie le, Peter, Johan Chang, Tsering Khangsar and Faith Mikkelsen.  A report of actions completed by this committee was submitted in the minutes of the April/16 AGM (too lengthy to repeat here.)

This brings us up to date where we need your talents, willingness and loving sense-of-community to move forward. If you are able to commit a few hours a week (often less, sometimes more 😊) and see an area that interests you from the Service Volunteer Opportunities above (or other avenues we haven’t thought of), please contact at your earliest convenience. Somebody from our ad-hoc planning committee will respond.

3Welcome aboard the JTCL Temple Planning Committee!

Wishing you much happiness and all causes for happiness!

The JTCL Planning Committee