Friday Full Moon Tara Prayer

There is a full moon this week on Friday. We will hold a full Tara prayer at 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. on Friday September 13th.

The Tuesday Meditation/Prayer session for this week is cancelled due to the full moon.

For the Full Tara prayer, please

  • bring your vajra and bell if you have them
  • bring offerings for the altar: flowers, fruits or cookies made without eggs or animal fats.
  • avoid eating meat, eggs, onions or garlic during the day.

Celebrating HHDL’s birthday at the Stupa – Sunday July 7th @11am

A reminder that we will celebrate His Holiness Dalai Lama’s birthday on Sunday. Geshe la will lead Sangsol prayers.

Please come prepared for the weather, and bring a snack for a potluck lunch afterwards around 12:30pm.

If you need a carpool, we will be departing from the temple at 10am. Please let us know (email) if you’ll need a carpool so we don’t leave without you.

The Stupa is at 470 85 St SW, Calgary, AB T3H 4E4
The temple is at 96 Whitehaven Cres. NE


  1. Set up the alter and Bring H. H’ photo to alter
  2. Geshe la will offer Khata to His Holiness
  3. Begin prayers
  4. Offer tea first and then Desi.  Then cut cake
  5. Rest offer Khata
  6. Begin Sansol
  7. Serve lunch


The ritual of the immaculate incense offering is said to be very beneficial especially done for new year, new beginnings and special occasions. This practice gathers great and inconceivable merit as it makes offerings to a wide variety of objects:

Offering to the Three Jewels

The Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and Superior Beings of the ten directions who have overcome all forms of faults and delusions, hence by our offering to them, we will be able to increase both our wisdom and merit, and also receive blessings and guidance and protection from the Three Jewels.

Offering to Elemental gods

They are the protectors of earth, water, fire and air.  By offering to them, they will continue to maintain the balance and help to protect us from natural disasters.

Offering to mundane and super-mundane Protectors

We will be able to receive their protection blessings, be freed from obstacles and receive helpful conditions in our career and work.

Offering to beings of the six realms in samsara

Through our offerings, we are able to repay our karmic debts, be relieved from supernatural obstacles, and lead them to receive blessings and liberation.